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 Very Important Update

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PostSubject: Very Important Update    Very Important Update  Clock-icon1/6/2012, 3:54 am

So lets begin our outline for 2012!! A lot of you have been here for the long haul, since the beginning when we were just taking our first baby steps as a group but hell look at us now, the largest anime fan club in the state and we are still growing! There is no point in separating to make some group of your own. It just makes the overall whole weaker. Egos and control issues need to be left at the door, we are one large family and are here for the same thing, ANIME! What purpose would a group of your own serve up against a group as large and active as this? Its pointless, Im not a dictator, I made this group through "Friendship" Let me say that again"Friendship" Not hey join my group and have nothing to do with them. I want to be "EVERYONES" friend. We can't make this group better without the help of those who've brought it this far. Everyone can participate, not just be in it just to be in it. So yes how shall I begin with this..I guess Ill start with things to do:

1. Photo shoots- We have a lot of cosplayers in the group so we might as well pick out one day of a particular month and meet up somewhere i.e. The new Art Garden in Jackson or somewhere else in the state and have a photo shoot, get some awesome cosplay pictures out there. We are as much a fan club as much as we are a cosplay group. One comes with the other.

2. Youtube channel- We will soon have our own channel, Wait scratch that, its has been made. MSOtakuLegion is us. We'll do video meet ups and just have fun, cosplay corners and such I know the Hetalians would love to have their own world council type of thing. Bring a boombox set up in a park and just have some fun in costume.

3. Branching- I know a lot of the members don't live in the general area i.e. Ridgeland, Madison, Pearl, Brandon, Byram, Clinton, Jackson and we can't nor really have the ability for some of us, to actually come out to hang with you all D: So don't wait for that to happen! Find and become friends with your MSOL mates that may live in the same city with you and have your own meetups and recruit people! I would love for all of you to be able to hang with us all the time but this isnt a small state :c Im going to need pretty much a leader to do so in the big cities or general MSOL member areas, Hattiesburg, Starkville, Vicksburg, Biloxi, Olive Branch, Cleveland etc etc~ I dont need people with ego's to accept this position, I dont want to lose portions of this family to people who want control and do their own thing acting like its their group. We are here for the same purpose, we don't need division and fractures. Sure you'll do your own thing but you will remember who is in charge.

4. The Forum- Yes we have one, we've been bumping the shit out of it for the longest, well since Christmas. I made it so you can post about whatever it is you want to talk about and not worry about it getting deleted in the group for various reasons~ Theres a place you can spam the hell out of, Spam-o-lot. I understand some may not enjoy forums or really know how to use one. There is a guide for that, but if you really don't want to use it, hey thats up to you. I just rather something I made for the group be used by all and not very few.

5. Spread the word!- We have a TON of just lumps on the logs here. We're all connected through some friend or another so message them about this long as wall of text, get in touch, tell them what is going on. Not everyone checks the group for stuff or probably have the notifications turned off.

6. MSOL Directory- I need to get either a phone number or an email you actually check from you so I can keep a directory for all the members just incase something happens and I need to get in contact with people as well as setting up events and such things.

7. Remember we are an ANIME group and the things that come along with anime, video games, manga, cosplay, japanese culture type of things. We aren't a political group nor are we a religious group, there are plenty of other places for you to discuss things like that.

8. Hangouts- We're going to have a lot more this year but we also need to come up with a list of places we actually go to and such things to do stuff. Ill be asking a question soon so you can post your ideas. Think logically and not say my house, would your people really be up for a bunch of people showing up to do god knows what PLUS some people really don't like going to others houses that they don't know.

9. Conventions- We shall be going to quite a few of them this year such as:

Louisiana Comic con, Jan 28-29 New Orleans- I personally wont be able to be there but I know some Legionaries are going to be there

Kami-con, Feb 3-5 Tuscaloosa, AL University of AL- Ill be attending with some Legionaries. Those driving should bring others so we can get there en masse :D 20 bucks for all three days, those riding should be willing to put in gas money.

Coast-con Mar 16-18 Biloxi, MS- I plan to attend this and hopefully see a vast majority of MSOL there, it really isnt an anime con but hell its the only "con" we have here in MS http://www.coastcon.org/

Ultima-con May 25-27 New Orleans- Plan to attend this one as well, hope we can get a good amount there

Mecha-con Sept 7-9 New Orleans- Been there the past two years and will keep attending ^^ its a fun convention

That list may increase~

10. Love- Its all I have for all of you. You are my friends and family and so much has been done because of all of you. There isn't much here in MS, a bad past, boring old folk, not a haven for Otakus but we can and Will change that. It wont be over night, itll be a gradual process but we will get it done. Even if it takes me till Im 30, people will know of MSOL. So live, have fun, enjoy yourself and let the good times roll~

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Very Important Update

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