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 A guide to using a forum for beginners

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A guide to using a forum for beginners Empty
PostSubject: A guide to using a forum for beginners   A guide to using a forum for beginners Clock-icon12/28/2011, 12:51 am

Okay if you are reading this then you are new to the whole forum experience and don't know what to do. Don't worry! Don't be overwhelmed by it all once you look at it. Here's some easy tips to help you along your way in becoming well versed with forums.

1. Read the rules.

First and foremost, find and read the rules. More than likely they are in the introduction area of the forum and will be close to the top of the page.

2. Make sure you post in the right areas. Introduction area is for you to introduce yourself to the forum as a whole. There is a guide to introducing yourself as well.

If you wish to start a discussion make sure your title is worthy of one such as "If you could etc etc etc what would you do etc etc" You have to put topics that are for general discussion into the form of a question for its title. Anything else will be considered spam and moved accordingly to the spam section. You may also receive infractions if the action is repeated.

3. This is just advice but not really necessary, if you want someone to take you seriously,then you should use proper grammar. Sure we are on the internet and not at school but still people rather not read text speak.

4. When you post in a topic please be sure to actually make an effort to do so. One to three worded replies are reserved for spam and spam only.

5. If you messed up on a reply or a thread, there is an edit button rather than having you double post. Be sure to use it. Also if you wish to delete a comment there is a large blue X button that allows you to do so.

6. Be sure to stay on topic when you wish to have a discussion otherwise it will be moved to spam.

7. If you have a question see if it has already been asked before asking yourself. Also it may have already been explained in another forum. It would be best to look at all guides that are throughout the forum. Look for "READ THIS BEFORE" etc etc and you shall more than likely get the answers that you need.

to be continued~

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A guide to using a forum for beginners

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